About us

Welcome on the website of the
Gardening Farm of Maciej Raszka.

The firm is in Łabiszyn 20 km from Bydgoszcz. It exists constantly since 1929. Presently the family tradition is being continued by Maciej Raszka, the graduate of Bydgoszcz Agriculture Academy. The farm consists of 8 ha of grounds 2 ha of which takes a very modern greenhouse of Venlo type, 0,5 ha foil tents and 1 ha occupies plants grown on ground.

Since 1999 when the first 0,4 ha of blocked greenhouse was built, the farm specializes in production of putted plants. As the tillage lasts all they round the farm can offer really varied assortment. During the period of early spring there are:

  • primroses,
  • pansies,
  • daisies grown,
  • flower-bed and balcony plants,
  • variety of chrysanthemums: time series (since Easter till November),
  • multiflorous and self-spreading varieties,
  • the last stage of production is poinsettia.

The firm offer includes also:

  • cyclamens,
  • decorative puttet plants (ficus, hedera, syngonium).

The offer is being continuously made larger and more varied.

The firm priority is to warrant the very high quality of produced plants.
That is why gardening is still being modernized and technically updated.